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Sports & Events

Photographing sports events, reports and car / moto tests. I will determine the price calculation based on your demand and the type of photo shoot.

Approximate prices:

80 € / hour (first two hours)

40 € / hour (third to fourth hour)

20 € / hour (from five hour)

Individual prices can be arranged for regular clients.


Possibility to buy individual photos from sports events.

1 x high resolution                                               15€ 

1 x extra high resolution                                      30€ 

3 x high resolution                                               30€ 

3 x extra high resolution                                      60€ 



Product photography

15€ / piece

Price includes product styling and post-production. One price for all formats and sizes.

Realization of orders from 5 or more pieces.


Advertising and lifestyle photography (including photography for social networks) From 30€ / piece The price for a photo shoot will vary depending on the number of products, size, required lighting and glossiness of the product surfaces, or if a studio is required.

After agreement, an hourly rate or a single price for the whole day can be settled.



Portrait photography, fashion and glamor photography, possibly also family photos and pets.

from 60€/hour - the price depends on the complexity of the photo shoot itself and according to the need to use the studio, lighting equipment and time requirements, the final price is always communicated in advance after prior agreement



Photography for real estate agencies, private sale of real estate, company photos 
from 140€ (a package of 10 edited photos of the interior and exterior of the building, apartment,
real estate, in the required resolution), the price depends on the complexity and area of the real estate and
the need to use lighting technology.
Photography beyond the scope of the package
15€ per photo

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